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White Archer by Keonhee Han

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- Could use as inspiration for female character design, as she looks adventurous and her goggles are interesting, and the colour of her hair.

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I have no idea whether this is a figurine or concept art - I just thought it was cool to see sci-fi art with someone with regular old fashioned blades instead of cyborg legs!

JinM Mushin Arts Training Uniform                              …

JinM Mushin Arts Training Uniform

After the Bunker Part I What exactly happened in the Bunker? Would try to finish part II at weekend~(I hope ... 

After the Bunker Part II Sometimes you just have really really bad dream, which makes you wake up crying. as for why I draw Mabel in that panel, that wo. Fight falls-After the Bunker II

2017년 새해 첫 MMORPG ‘다크에덴 : 오리진’ 테스터 모집 | 루리웹

2017년 새해 첫 MMORPG ‘다크에덴 : 오리진’ 테스터 모집 | 루리웹