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from Good Housekeeping

The Garden Anyone Can Care For (Yes, Even You)

In the last year or so, we've seen a lot of new & cool plant decor techniques. If you're a plant novice or too busy to water frequently, buy these plant kits that literally water themselves. Surround them with easy to maintain plants like cactus and ferns so you can achieve some of the stylish looks above.

from Home

Make a Working Miniature Fountain or Waterfall for a Fairy Garden

HACKABLE :: Wet Pots by Wet Pot Systems :: (no longer sold :( waaah!) | :: Swedish self-watering planters. Plant absorbs moisture as needed thru the porus clay inner pot. :: REALLY bummed these aren't being sold anymore, to say the least. So, I tested this with an unglazed terracotta pot (the kind that already have a bumped out lip at the top quarter or so of the pot & put it inside a straight sided glass container from the dollar store. It works! | #selfwateringpot #diyplanter

from agosnesrerose

New Miniature Dwellings Suspended Inside Test Tubes by Rosa de Jong

This is Micro Matter, a series of miniature worlds built and placed in test tubes by Dutch artist Rosa de Jong. Pretty magical, right? I love miniatures. Unfortunately, I don't have the hand-eye coordination to make any myself. I...