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A Billinghurst Rifle; the kind of arm brought from home for use in units like Berdan's.

The War Between the States brought the Trapdoor rifles into their own. Deadly accurate and seldom flawed in performance, they were highly thought of as weapons worthy of the soldiers who used them.

Etched blade with full firm name "W J McElroy Macon Geo" as well as "CS" (Confederate States)...Confederate Officers Sword

A Rare, Captured Confederate Pistol Griswold and Gunnison #1567 Macon, Georgia, August 1863 in CSA holster. This rare, captured Griswold and Gunnison #1567 still has residue of burnt powder in four of the six cylinder chambers. It was found in Michigan, and was likely captured during the Battle of Atlanta to be brought north as a war trophy. From the famous Wiley Sword collection. A Rare, Captured Confederate Pistol in excellent condition and well struck with all matching serial numbers…

J Bossart Black Powder Gun Antiquing Service... find at

American Colt M 1849 pocket revolver with a Japanese stamp in the barrel, the gun was in Japan when one of the Meiji period national roundup/registrations of weapons took place.