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A Billinghurst Rifle; the kind of arm brought from home for use in units like Berdan's.

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Civil War Bowie knife, look at the detail on it, I don't care if you don't see this as art, I find it absolutely gorgeous

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Civil War bullets - The bullet marked with human teeth is most interesting to me. Sedatives were not widely accessible in war times, soldiers were given a bullet to bite down on. Hence the term 'bite the bullet' to get something done and over with.

*CIVIL WAR PINFIRE PISTOL~from Gettysburg Battlefield. Invented in 1828 by a Frenchman by the name of Casimir Lefaucheux, it was one of the earliest practical designs of a metallic cartridge. The pinfire history is closely associated with the development of the breech-loader which replaced older muzzle loading weapons.