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Ok so I typed in "One Direction" on google then tapped on news... The first thing that came up was: "Split fears for One Direction as Kodaline write song for Harry Styles' solo album" SOLO ALBUM!!!!! Ppl!!!! :'( please tell me it's not true

I feel bad like he can't even have a drink without having a million pictures taken of him. Like he doesn't have any pricey and can't have on day without any of that. That goes for all the boys~ Autumnmargaret Walthers

I'm sorry if I offended you guys with my other pins. I didn't mean for so much drama to start. I'm hoping you can all see me as a true directioner. I deleted the pins that people thought were so 'out standingly' rude, and I hope it can all just stop :)

The boys indulge in the bizarre in the video for new single Steal My Girl, the lead track of the group's fourth album, aptly named FOUR.

Tanya Burr and Harry Styles at the Brit Awards >>> awe she's so pretty :). I love Tanya>>> he looks like a fan of her. He was probably saying: OMG are you Tanya Burr?! Omg I looove your new nailpolish!! Lets take a pic oomgeee

"Mother of pearl. WHO KEEPS GIVING HIM CHILDREN." I only repinned this because I think that caption is funny, I laughed when I read it.

Why am I just noticing how good looking Harry Styles is? Yes I am posting a one direction picture, he deserves it with those looks. 😍 literally the caption is so on point it wasn't me but she stole the words out of my mouth-P

The fact that it says "The Nice Guy" right there, fits so perfectly BC harry really is the ultimate "Nice Guy" he is completely selfless and even when people are rude to him he just smiles and stays kind

Harry - from the OTRA/Honda Civic Tour Diary part 2 (source: