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C'est Nous (It's Us) - Love Screen Print in French (gold & black)

Lol!!! This is sooooo me!!! When the majority of my friends say.... "Walk away there's no hope for him" ... It makes me want laugh because THEY DO NOT KNOW HIM, MY LOVE or MY KING!! GOD CHANGES PEOPLE!!! ❤️❤️❤️ woot woot!! Love my God!! I believe!!!

This is awesome (translates to "The moment when you start thinking in 2 languages at the same time." c'est moi!!!! I do it all the time, plus now that i'm getting more fluent in espagnol, i sometimes throw some of that in there! adiós!!!

"Celui qui n'est pas fidèle dans les petites choses, ne le sera pas non plus dans les grandes." #quote #french (tourdemain 21, by taffeta on Flickr.)

Carte postale Je suis râleuse mais j'ai toujours raison Tableau noir Message Minimaliste Impertinent Pour elle par de carton et d'étoiles