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The subway ticket machine in Moscow accepts thirty squats as its payment! WTF facts

Haphazard+facts+hope+not+repostablely+reposteds_2061ca_4451991.jpg (500×4249)

Haphazard+facts+hope+not+repostablely+reposteds_2061ca_4451991.jpg (500×4249)

Do The Harlem Shake, youtube. - WTF fun facts- Pretty cool with the song and everything.....

The way DNA is passed from generation to generation

Being ignored causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as physical injury.

this is why i would want to go here because it has cool shit like this

Tell me about it. I thought I was over this guy but still had a little secret crush on him ever since grade. 2 years later I am falling harder than before. Yikes. What to do. O.o

Sometimes i hate these things because it makes everyone go OH IM SO CREATIVE CUZ I CANT SLEEP when really most of the time its not true