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Focused. Attention! Actually, a turn-on, really. Paying attention to the details, the look in the eyes, the fidgeting of hands...undressing a soul with the eyes.

To make a woman happy, give her these three things: attention, affection and appreciation.

being ignored by someone whose attention means the world to you is the worst feeling


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Soulmate - a person with whom you have an immediate connection the moment you meet - a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before. As this connection develops over time, you experience a love so deep, strong, and complex, that you begin to doubt that you have ever truly loved anyone prior.

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Inspiring Quotes When You Need Some Life Motivation

@lottiefrank I think we are a match mad in heaven....surely madness is better when it's doubled up!

My children deserve better. I never had an issue with missing my grandparents. They know it all to well. Over it.

when anyone is loved correctly they become ten times the man/woman they were before ...

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The best therapist has fur and four legs.

The best therapist has fur and four legs. For more quotes and inspirations:

I love you... I miss the sound of your voice.... Im missing your beautiful laugh, your smile that lights my world up, your eyes that see into my soul, your soft pouty lips against mine... Could time pass any slower?