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Last Hitler bodyguard Rochus Misch dies

The Last Survivor from Hitler’s Bunker died at the age of 96 on September 5, 2013 - Rochus Misch points on a picture of Adolf Hitler he had taken in Berchtesgarden, southern Germany - 2005

Often, animals had special protection built for them for the brutal air-raids that took place during World War II. Here, a large snake at the Regent Park Zoo (in London) is placed for safe-keeping in a box built for housing the snake when air-raids take place.

12 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices From History

Spraying peoples heads with DDT to kill lice! DDT is a powerful pesticide that was once thought harmless unless ingested. It was sprayed onto clothing, bedding, people and sometimes entire cities...

President buys a Buddy Poppy - 28-April-1943

President buys a Buddy Poppy - 28-April-1943. Seven year old Florence Ollila sold the first Buddy Poppy - in aid of war relief work - to President Roosevelt at the White House. The little girl, daughter of a deceased ex-serviceman, travelled from a war orphans home in Michigan to have the honour of selling to the President. (Photo by Planet News Archive/SSPL/Getty Images)

General George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Armed Forces during World War 2, 1944.

A woman fixing her mattress and pillows on the top bunk as she prepares for a nights sleep in an air raid shelter during the Blitz, November 1940 (b/w photo)

Friedrich August Jeckeln[1] (2 February 1895, Hornberg, Baden – 3 February 1946) was an SS-Obergruppenführer who served as an SS and Police Leader in the occupied Soviet Union during World War II. Jeckeln was the commanding SS General over one of the largest collection of Einsatzgruppen and was personally responsible for ordering the deaths of over 100,000 Jews, Slavs, Roma, and other "undesirables" of the Third Reich.