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Al Sharpton: “It Should Be a Federal Crime” for White People to Shoot Blacks – Even in Self Defense by Top Right News on March 13, 2015 in Al Sharpton, Ferguson

Al Sharpton’s cult of the clueless Ever notice how, no matter their religious titles or political designations, most of these so called and self appointed, "Social Activists", eventually preach that justice is served by rebellion and murder? As if it were some kind of insane gospel?

We Killed Our Enemies By The Brussels Before They Got A Shot Off . Amen To General George Patton and His Leadership In The Face Of Death and WE WON,,, SO What Happened America, Why Did You Vote For A Treasonous Trader That's Taking Every Right You Have As Americans Away From You. That's All

al sharpton racist | hello-al-sharpton-al-sharpton-race-baiter-botom-feeder-race-politics ... # 3 Race baiter of the Year!!

It's true. The government wants to give people who don't work half of the money we earn. We work hard to get a little and they do nothing to get a lot. It's very stupid and it will teach people to be lazy slobs with no lives.

I Pinned This To This Board Because, While Bill Murray IS A Democrat, This Quote Contradicts The Traditional-Liberal Mentality.

City orders Sharpton’s daughter to save incriminating hiking pics | New York Post

I have not made my mind up on who I'm voting for in November for president. The only real choice is Bernie Sanders, but as of yet he is off the table, thanks to our corrupt government system! Jill Stein is the only good choice left, but 3rd party candidates never make it. I'm waiting until Nov to decide. Meanwhile, I'm endorsing all Bernie's picks for the House & Senate and will be donating to & voting for them for SURE!