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"I made a friend named Courage. Courage will help me find my partner called Dream. Dream wants to marry my mind, is what my hearts told. I need to find Dream. “

' The walls were transparent for us to see what's inside. They charged for peeping. They were following orders. They were exposed as well. '

All these, these emotions they are never stopped and ponder upon but they transfer energy. If only we kept our hearts happy no matter what occurred and try to stay focus on what we want, but that rarely happens. You as a human being tend to mould yourself into the surrounding and the surrounding is never almost fair.

There are so many things that can be talked about, discussed about, thought about and then there is life, which can sometimes take a turn where the only thing you can think of its how to make your ends meet. “ Welcome saab, yeh hai duniya k sitare. Le jao, ek sitara, pachaas rupiye ka..”

Where I am, where you are, these things, I don’t know if we could ever be able to be a part of their lives, don’t know if they ever dream of being a part of the lifestyle we live. Dreams are so constrained if looked from an individual’s point of view. His dream could have been to be happy at the end of the day. And that makes him the most honest person on the planet and maybe his dream does come true now and then! It’s all in perspective no, even your dreaming.

Here, I saw an old man staring at this image, two kids with ice cream in their hands, do you think he had a flash back? Do you reckon he has a family? What if he did not? What if he had those grandkids? But they were away making their own life right now, for which he struggled the most in his days? Would he have had a tear flow down his cheek? Was it a memory that overwhelmed him with happiness? What was it?

Or maybe Sundays were the day you could sleep peacefully and wake up to find your breakfast served to you on your bed.

We all are here to figure out life, and that’s what called life. In contrast we find shelter, in solace we find peace.

Last Photo of the Series. Except black, mostly all colours blend with each other to create a new form of color, isnt it funny how you can easily figure out people who arnt a part of a certain society when you relate to this. Maybe those blacks are just trying to seek a color that can blend with them and create their own little society. Oh well, all’s to complicated. If only colour could teach you. If only society could let you create.