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The watertight-bulkhead technology of Chinese junks

The watertight-bulkhead technology of Chinese junks

Zheng He's Treasure Boat (Chinese Junk) model ship

Zheng He's Treasure Boat (or Bao-Chuan) is a type of ocean going Chinese Junk which was the largest wooden ships ever built times larger than the Santa Maria.

The Vai syllabary is a syllabic writing system devised for the Vai language by Momolu Duwalu Bukele of Jondu, in what is now Grand Cape Mount County, Liberia

Vai syllabary Script of West Africa (Still in Use)

How to sail - How to Rig a Sailing Boat - YouTube

Rigging can be a complex process with a variety of ropes and lines and hooks. It is a basic process to understand as you learn how to sail.

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Learning to Sail. Though you can learn the basics of sailing in a matter of hours, and easily learn to sail a boat in good conditions in a matter of days, the full set of skills for sailing a variety of sailboats in a variety of conditions is something

aft stern port starboard diagram - Port [red] Left in the bottle

Sailboat Terms Diagram - it is easy to remember: "There is no more Red Port Left" (therefore green is starboard and on right hand side of boat looking to the bows).

Parts of a boat

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大五郎建設 君津市 H様邸 建前 Part3

大五郎建設 君津市 H様邸 建前 Part3