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Argentinosaurus possibly the first or second largest dinosaur

Rjpalmer Deinonychus 001 By Arvalis-d9xiymv by arvalis

Large Theropod dinosaurs [eg:Dilophosaurus] had bumps,knobs & crests on their heads

Rjpalmer Deinosuchus 001 By Arvalis-d9xroj1 by arvalis

This simple, no cook dough will keep your children busy for hours. The children I work with call it fossil dough because of the texture and it’s ability to make wonderful imprints of their dinosaurs. (good for my Toob dinosaur skulls)

from Martha Stewart

DIY Projects & Crafts

Dino Bones Craft, could also use for Halloween. So cool!

Art Room 104: 6th Grade: Prehistoric Cave Art

I have never seen a reconstruction of this mammal in a museum before! Andrewsarchus mongoliensis is an ancestor to whales.

Beautiful amber dragonfly fossil insects 124g -