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Marsden Moor Estate

After the last ice age 10,000 years ago, forests covered this area. About 7,000 years ago the climate changed and got wetter so peat began to form. In some places, the preserved remains of trees can still be found under the peat.

Fairy tree in Tara Hill, Ireland. Trees hold significance importance in the Celtic way of life. Many have healing powers and are considered home to varied spirits such as fairies. Hawthorn trees are also called Wishing trees, May Bushes, or Rag Trees. People tie ribbons to ask for blessings from the local saints or spirits. The Hawthorn tree flowers in May during the time of Beltaine. Often you'll find these trees beside a holy well, or equally it could note the site of an old well.

Since ancient times Japanese have been marking certain trees as sacred by a rope of straw. Why? Because these trees stand pars pro toto for all trees. All trees are sacred. See G. Nitschke’s From Shinto to Ando, Academy Editions, 1995.

Wish Tree by Yoko Ono. Neat idea for incorporating into counseling groups, early childhood work or into a classroom/school.

Cragside Nt,Cragside House

Cragside Estate

The Drawing Room at Cragside in Cartington, Northumberland, England. The oversized fireplace was carved from 10 tons of Italian marble and the room was completed for a royal visit by the Prince and Princess of Wales (later Edward VII and Queen Alexandra) in 1884

Cragside Estate

This champion Scots Pine at Cragside is the UK's tallest at 40 metres. That's the height of a stack of ten double decker buses