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Săptămâna 40 de sarcină: Prima etapă a travaliului va începe prin declanşarea contracţiilor şi prin retragerea treptată sau subţierea şi deschiderea cervixului (gâtul uterului), cunoscută sub numele de dilatare. http://www.nutricia.ro/parinti/sarcina/pe-saptamani/saptamana-40

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These are some generally safe strength exercises you can do during pregnancy to help you prepare for and ease labor, birth, and recovery. You can start these from early pregnancy and continue throughout, using your body and judgment as a guide as to how many reps, how often, and what size weights to use.

Many of my clients are really "into" oils, but even those who are not have usually heard of the benefits of using essential oils during sickness or for relaxation. Labor, while obviously not a "sickness" is a time of great physiological changes as well as possible emotional and mental strains, so essential oils can definitely shine when used during a mama's birth time. Obviously, some essential oils won't appeal to everyone, so I highly suggest smelling these oils BEFORE you are in…

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Săptămâna 5 de sarcină: acum începe să-i bată inimioara. Click pentru detalii: http://www.nutricia.ro/parinti/sarcina/pe-saptamani/saptamana-5

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