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from Sarah Sarna

My Bespoke Black Saree Gown Inspiration

The world's rarest gem is believed to be painite, a gem that most have never even heard of. Rarity does not equate to beauty in gems, however. The painite is an orangish or reddish brown, with the brown tint coming from iron in the crystal. It was first discovered in Burma in the 1950s and was widely considered to be the rarest of all gems, with only two faceted crystals in existence.

This ring is simply a stunner! By Jack Kelege, it combines platinum and 18k yellow gold and features 2.02 ctw of round White Diamonds, and 0.55 ctw of Fancy Yellow Diamonds in a gorgeously detailed setting around the double-prong held fancy yellow center diamond. What a masterpiece!

from Ouroboro Diamonds

The Rarest of the Rare…Fancy Red Diamonds

The DeYoung Red Diamond is one of the largest known natural fancy dark red diamonds.  It is a modified round brilliant cut diamond that has a clarity grade of VS-2 and weighs 5.03 carats. The diamond was acquired by S. Sydney DeYoung, a Boston jeweler, as part of a collection of estate jewelry in which it was wrongly identified as a garnet.  It was gifted to the National Gem Collection by Mr. DeYoung in 1987.