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⚡Billie⚡Call me B⚡I don't know what I want⚡

MUKE Masterpost I’m making a masterpost to my favorite ship…muke. to start… dawwww FETUS MUKE IS A FAVE [[MORE]] hw touched the butt I love how they are completely fine with this “bunny ears” (ya know...

One of my favorite pictures of them! Omfg I have been seeing nothing but the 'hardcore rock edits' of them all covered in tattoos and piercings, I'm just like<<<<< AGGGHGHG THEIR MY AUSTRALIAN IDIOTS ANYMORE!

heartbreakirwin: “ 5 Seconds of Summer - Don't Stop Music Video ”

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I can't handle mikey in a leather jacket...I just can't even. I have lost the ability to even. << who ever wrote this I feel your pain. 😩😩😍😍😵😵😍😍

What’s been black, white, and red all over?<<<I love this ❤❤

The Evolution Of Michael Clifford's Hair