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Chrysanthemum Santini Paintball Sunny is a yellow variety of miniature santini chrysanthemum. All santini chrysanths are multi-headed, 55cm tall & wholesaled in 25 stem wraps. A superb flower with endless possibilities in floristry.

Chrysant sgl. paladov is a Yellow disbudded, single headed cut flower. It is approx. 75cm and wholesaled in Batches of 10 stems.

Celosia Plumosa Yellow is a variety with upright, plume shaped fluffy flowers. 55cm tall & wholesaled in 10 stem wraps.

Anitrirrhinums Yellow (Snapdragons) 65cm tall & wholesaled in wraps of 10 stems. The Greek translation for this cut flower is 'like a nose'.

Chrysanthemum Blooms Kiev are a red, disbudded, single headed cut flower variety. 70cm tall & wholesaled in 10 stem wraps.