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Andy Warhol: Queen Elizabeth II. 'Reigning Queens', 1985.

Andy Warhol, Queen Elizabeth II This is a stunning work of art, The queen looks absolutely beautiful !

1960s photo Edie Sedgwick with Andy Warhol

'New York City. American artist Andy Warhol Edie Sedgwick and Chuck Wein' by American photographer Burt Glinn ty, Anne Kimiläinen. via art space

Duane Michaels; Andy Warhol, 1972.

andy, 1972 (duane michals) Duane Michaels is one of my Favorite Photographers, especially the series like this Andy Warhol, whenever I think of Warhol this is the image that comes to mind!

Lost Then Found, los retratos perdidos de Andy Warhol por Steve Woods

British photographer Steve Wood saw the truth about Warhol, writes Jonathan Jones