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Kallorm, 'City of Light', a vast subteranean metropolis beneath the Congolese jungles. Largest and most ancient of all the Dworllian realms.

Acid etched printmaking metal panel. I covered this panel in a special layer of wax, then drew (etched) into the wax, then plunged the panel into an acid bath. The acid eats away at the exposed metal, leaving the reminder under the wax, untouched. When the wax is then removed, you have an acid etching ready to be printed from!

Passing 20,000 and planting seeds of success!

This is titled 'Anxiety', oil on canvas 8ft x 5ft. An abstract figurative piece, part of a series exploring figuartive themes of disintegration - physical, psychological, emotional and mental disintegration reflected in the disintegrating quality of the paint. Issues of aging and self-image...and yes, I was full of anxiety when I painted it!

Etymology – What’s in a word? – Part II Creatures and Races

My whole painted three panel window display, depicting Roald Dahl's favourite characters and inspired by Quentin Blake's amazing illustrations. I finished just in time for our Roald Dahl Summer Reading Challenge!