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RWBY, then and now. Ruby is still chasing red like roses, Weiss is once again the loneliest of all, Blake has gone back to the shadows, and Yang has been burned. They've all circled back around to their theme songs.

Exceptional Stoneware Crock with Dog-Chasing-Man Decoration, Ohio, circa 1860

“you drool when you sleep ” aka annabeth is terrified of spiders Available as a stickers/prints/etc. on RedBubble! (x) #8 of 9 Hero SnapChibis (x) Commission Info | Other Works | Instagram | DeviantArt | RedBubble

This pic is perfect Grover is scared Percy is all I got this and Annabeth is yelling at them to do stuff or just in general<<<Haha, couldn't have said it better.

As a Taurus you know the right people who belong in your life will evenlually come to you and stay so you never waste time chasing people. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs