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Not everyone deserves a seat at my about you? Not only does not everyone deserve a seat, most people won't fit...or want to be there, not really, sincerity matters. Don't push others to join you...if they are supposed to be there, you will find one another.

the loneliest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart and all they can do is stare blankly

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How to write good.

At first I didn't read the whole thing because the title is grammatically incorrect so I figured the writing tips would be stupid. Then I realized the tips go against themselves just like the title. Now I love it and find it quite hilarious.

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4 Epic Ways Introverts Can Improve Their Relationships

If you're wanting to make a change and do better in your connections with others, it starts with you, boo. You have at least 50% of the control in a relationship and the direction it goes. I think a lot of times, we want more out of our friendships and other relationships, but we're not willing to work on ourselves to contribute to making the whole greater. We want more love, deeper connections, and better understanding from others, but we're coming into it halfheartedly and with our own…

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Bad ways to start a novel - Bad ways to start a novel

Bad ways to start a novel… Your first sentence, paragraph, and page are THE most important throughout your whole story.