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How To Bond (Without Touch) When A Relationship Is Strained

Duh, divorced, depressed, and riddled with tumors. A new study finds that childless infertility may cause death sooner.

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Good point - Quote for ANY type of relationship. Friendship, Relationships, Marriage, even Family.

I am surrounded by more friends than ever.  Having lived with someone who suffers with a mental illness and doesn't acknowledge it,  has been the biggest mistake of my life. I have learned so much about communication and how important it is for people in a romantic relationship to share every thought. It's too bad that I still and will always love her because she is taking her ill parents' advice and her life will be a waste.

Loneliness doesn’t come from having no one around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that are important to you. -Carl Jung so true.

Constantly being scared that your friends are getting sick of you, and that pretty soon you’ll be on your own (so why not start distan...

INFP problem: Constantly being scared that your friends are getting sick of you, and that pretty soon you’ll be on your own (so why not start distancing yourself now & save the heartache?

Recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.

"You only feel like extinguishing my fire because you're unable to light a match to start your own." -- (quote) A Recovery from Narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse

Narcissists are experts at manipulation. They place blame and deflect all wrong doings. Saying "I'm sorry" is not in their vocabulary because they believe they never do anything wrong. They wear a mask...they are wolves in sheep's clothing. If you make it out of narcissistic relationship intact, you are a rarity.

Narcissists have fragile relationships with others, as their overblown ego means they often take offense at the smallest imagined slight & will suddenly cut people out of their lives or punish them in some way for 'insulting' them.

8 Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation. Really insightful read and hopefully liberating to anyone feeling trapped in a toxic relationship. Might be really helpful, check it out!

The Psychopath: The Mask of Sanity ~ Inside the mind of the Psychopath. There are far more psychopaths than Schizophrenics and they do not think like you and me.

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If two past lovers can remain friends, it’s either they were never in love or they still are. Never were in love with me?