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I cried so hard during this scene. It's everything I needed. Everything I've been yearning for, for so long. The heaviness and heartbreak I felt since s2 finale dispersed in that moment. The crushing feeling was instantly turned into relief and joy. This signifies a new chapter for them both. It was time to break down the barrier, overcome, and keep fighting. The ever so creative Star Wars Rebels team will never know how deeply this scene touched and meant to me.

Star Wars Rebels Pantone Colors

Star Wars Rebels Costume Color Guide for Padawans, Twi'leks, and More |

Learn the correct shades and hues for your Star Wars Rebels costumes -- straight from the show's creators.

Quiz: Which Star Wars Rebels Character Are You? |

So yeah after that finale and the season 3 trailer, this fandom is on the complete opposite side of okay.

Pantone_Sabine, web site has Pantone images for your main characters starwars rebels