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My cat wouldn't sit with a hat on long enough for me to take a photo...I love this cat! Looks cool with the hat too..

from Cats In Care

NUTMEG THE CAT, 31-YEARS OLD CAT: The World Oldest Living cat

I thought this was going to be a cute 'the cat will commence cpr and save the baby's life' thing, but no. Instead I am greeted with a baby-eating cat.<< lol, same

This could be my cat right now, just add some ornaments already tossed to the floor

Our cat would so do this... then jump right on in! She worries me

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 24 Pics

all of my cat's did that at one point bless his little hart

I've bought a fish tank, now my cat has his own TV....Cute!!!

Well maybe I would actually be talking to my cat so that he would know I was home...

My favorite headcanon is that McGonagall actually had a pet cat that looks exactly like her animagus form and lets it wander around Hogwarts to put all her coworkers on edge.