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Wind and the Coriolis Effect. Air pressure differences cause the movement of air Air moving parallel to the ground is called wind Air moving up or down.

Winter/summer wind control key element in design & siting. Facade faces northwest & is almost closed d/t winter winds.Ventilated roof is of prime importance in keeping house cool. Air space between roof & joists is ventilated, which is an important cooling device whether a house is air conditioned or not. Louvers keep air moving along ceilings. Heat is reflected from roof’s surface. 3rd important factor: insulation.

WEATHER PATTERNS. Lesson 1 How Does Air Move? Layers of Air Convection Currents Wind Patterns.

Here Is A Turbine Taking Advantage Of A Property Of Moving Air That You Might Not Have Thought Of...

PIng Pong Pressure | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science/ moving wind and air pressure

London’s Bar Surya is one of a growing number of “eco” nightclubs popping up around the globe. Not only does the venue have air-flush, waterless urinals and its own wind turbine and solar energy system but when dancers get their groove on, their pounding feet help to power up the club. The dance floor is fitted with springs and a series of power-generating block, effectively making it ‘bouncy’. As dancers move up and down, the blocks are “squeezed” and current is fed into nearby batteries…

This animation presents the characteristics of wind power as a source of clean energy. The force of moving air generates electricity, by rotating blades around a rotor. The motion of the rotor turns a driveshaft that drives an electric generator. The viewer may examine how a wind turbine works by pausing and clicking on its components. They include a gear box, rotor, high-speed shaft, generator, wind vane, yaw drive, yaw motor, anemometer, controller, tower, and brake. Wind power is a…

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