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Jason (Frank)~ ok everyone sing with me...'I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt...' :P thanks Right Said Fred for the most obnoxious song EVER!...but appropriate for the pic I'm thinking lol!-courtesy Transporter 3

Jason (Frank)~I'm thinking this look is reminiscent of a 'huh, why is it I'm always sans clothing when I come to...' perhaps because that sexy physique demands screen!-courtesy Transporter 3

Jason (Lee)~its nice being on the other side of the camera...even if only on set lol!- courtesy Expendables

Jason (Frank)~never let a party girl with a bomb bracelet wander off...she's outta control lol!-courtesy Transporter 3

Jason~ you know its going to be 'one of those days' when you come to strapped to an explosive...-courtesy Transporter 3

Jason (Frank Martin)~now you're just pissing him off....LOL! I'm loving those awesome abs ;P-courtesy Transporter

Jason (Frank)~my 2nd fav strip tease...and what a tease he is too...1st fav is the wetsuit strip down in Mechanic ;P-courtesy Transporter 3