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Jason (Frank)~ ok everyone sing with me...'I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt...' :P thanks Right Said Fred for the most obnoxious song EVER!...but appropriate for the pic I'm thinking lol!-courtesy Transporter 3

Jason (Joey)~yes, yes... once again you have the Transporter look...but I'm good with that :P-courtesy Hummingbird

Jason & Natalya (Frank, Valentina)~ 'am I in heaven...' yes babe I'd have to say in his arms is as close as one will ever get :)-courtesy Transporter 3

Jason~ all action all the time-courtesy Transporter 3

Jason~aw...looks like he's in the pokey...lol-courtesy Hummingbird

Jason (Joey)~if that's the key to his heart...it wouldn't be a crisis of conscience...take the key and dump the habit lol! No brainer!-courtesy Redemption (a.k.a. Hummingbird)

Jason~ The tube, and don't he look dapper lol!- courtesy The Bank Job

Jason (Frank)~my 2nd fav strip tease...and what a tease he is too...1st fav is the wetsuit strip down in Mechanic ;P-courtesy Transporter 3

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