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Sveta Dorosheva. I would love this as a piece of wearable art.

Château de Blois, France (Stephen II Henry Etienne Henri The Sage Wise DeChampagne Count Comte de Blois Chartres *+(31))

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Sydney Hanson - Character Design Page

Gigi on Behance - For more styling tips and inspiration check out my website

She’d remembered how they’d gone dancing one night, how adventurous it had seemed, how the music and starlight and danger had stirred her to feel close to him, almost giddy with pleasure, but how in a curious way it was not really him in her arms, it was the idea of happiness, the possibility, the temptation, a slow, tantalizing waltz with some handsome future.

”The Uncertainty of the Poet” by Giorgio de Chirico, 1913

Teaching Watercolours to Children - How To - Artists & Illustrators - Original art for sale direct from the artist

I am happy to be single because I can be bold. I am not afraid to speak my mind, and I don't want to hide my truth. I am a intelligent and capable woman, and I hide my truth from my friends, family and even myself. If I spoke up more, maybe I wouldn't have to be a slave to "what if" anymore. The unforeseen does not exist