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The Knight archetype is primarily associated with chivalry, courtly romance, protection of the Princess, and going to battle only for honorable causes. The Knight serves his King or Lord and so this archetype has spiritual overtones as well of service and devotion. Loyalty and self-sacrifice are the Knight's great virtues, along with a natural ability to get things done.

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F**k Yeah Friday! (40 Photos)

"Boldness be my friend! | Arm me, audacity, from head to foot! "__ Iachimo, Cymbeline, Act I, Scene 6


RQBL Steampunk Armour - Sorry, Sold Out

RQBL Steampunk Armour....I'd totally wear it every day! I also Wish they had put a shirt on this mannequin!

"You look like you're going to join a biker gang." "Don't you think that's a little over the top?" "You're in tight jeans, a thick leather jacket, and you literally have a motorcycle helmet under your arm." "Can't help I love fresh air. And a good leather jacket never hurt anyone. I imagine you'd look killer." -stephanie lloyd-