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Catching the tide of the fabulous fad, is the laced-up boots, which sometimes goes on to be bejeweled as well. Well, we love ‘em all. And the laces, oh you got it all, round, oval, flat, wide, extra wide.

Nike Just Became Every Girl’s Favourtie Brand

Just do it alright! Nike shoes are known for being exclusive and sexy in a way that other shoes aren’t. Looking at their collection every year, the fitness freak in us wakes up and plans out a lengthy fitness routine. This routine will somehow have activities that will require us to wear Nike shoes. You …

wedge boots/ bootie (Nah, we won’t call it a new name and term it wedgie). Wedge is a pretty common one across footwear however lately it has been an up-and-go across longboots. Sprawled across buckle, zip, button and open, they come in various shapes and extensions.

Just look at Kelly and Emmy sashaying confidently in their wedged pairs! We love you Alexa with the A-line, peanut peacoat flung over and a graceful pair of wedge boots. Stay cozy and stylish, stay wedge!