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Easy DIY balance beam with some height for about $10. (2) 2x4's cut 6 ft (buy 8ft pieces) the additional 2 2ft (3) or (6)for additional sturdiness 8 inch pieces. Plywood cut 2ft wide and 6inches across. 21/2 and 3 inch wood screws. Sand edges smooth. Attach legs to one 2x4 with 3inch screws and then attach 2x4's to each other with 21/2 screws. Attach base and done.

Homemade Balance Beam Directions (see link for photos): Four 5 inch Lag bolts(My husband said that is what they are called) One 8 foot 4by6 board One 2by6 board Cut two 18 inch pieces from the 2by6. Counter sink two holes. My husband did this using a one inch drill bit(just deep enough that the head of the screw would not stick out). Then screw them to the beam

Gymnastics at home! DIY practice balance beam! Don't spend hundreds on prefabricated beams! HomeDepot wood plank ($8-$15); batting from fabric store/walmart($1-$5); faux suede/microfiber($7-$15). Bought 5x1' board that was cut to 4' (they will cut for you at HomeDepot).Attach batting w fabric adhesive or wood glue. Use staple gun to attach faux suede making sure to pull it nice and tight! My husband and I both had to do this step together! Voila! Balance Beam Heavan!!!!!!!! Very sturdy!