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The Tuatara is native to New Zealand. This ancient reptile is a Sphenodont, not a lizard, and its evolution preceded that of dinosaurs. It also survived their extinction.

A new publication on the bird-like dinosaur Avimimus, from the late-Cretaceous suggests they were gregarious, social animals -- evidence that flies in the face of the long-held mysticism surrounding dinosaurs as solo creatures. "The common mythology of dinosaurs depicts solitary, vicious monsters running around eating everything," explains Gregory Funston, PhD student and Vanier scholar at the University of Alberta

Prestosuchus; an archosaur. It is a very early relative of crocodiles from the Late Triassic, closely related to Postosuchus, which was featured in Walking with Dinosaurs.

Fossil snake, Fossil Butte National Monument, Wyoming. 42 inches long, was discovered in 2007 and only the second fossil snake from the Green River Formation, Wyoming. Preliminary identification suggests it is a boa. #snake #reptile #fossil