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The Tuatara is native to New Zealand. This ancient reptile is a Sphenodont, not a lizard, and its evolution preceded that of dinosaurs. It also survived their extinction.

The Amazon Milk Frog (by Adrien Sifre) - beautiful, but one of many creatures on this planet threatened by deforestation & warming climates. Caused by over-population of mankind. 7 billion today...what about in 20 years?

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27 animaizinhos que aquecerão seu coração hoje

E quem disse que os sapos são nojentos? OLHA ESSA CARA.

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Amazing Close Up Photos of Snails

Nature appreciating nature

A frog and its habitat (assuming it's its habitat and not a computer generated background) that match my room!

I have no idea what type of turtle this is but what a beautiful compliment to the sea!! (Hawksbill Turtle)

This is a "Purple Horned Winged Lizard"....he looks like a mini dragon, I love it!!

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A Blue Sea Slug : Glaucus Atlanticus

A blue sea slug tiny and dangerous-quite an interesting story. Click on the picture to read it.

Pink Snake animals pink cool amazing snake animal animal pictures

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Daily Dozen — Photos - National Geographic Your Shot

awesome Daily Dozen — Photos -- National Geographic Your Shot...