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or orchestra geek

or orchestra geek

HOLY BANANAS!!!!!!  I don't care who you are, where you are, or what doing do this right now!!!!!!!!

Try It, only works with 1 to 2 digit ages, not many people live beyond

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I'm not modelling..

Oh Dear God. Her captions. I can't even. "I was about to ride the bulldozer and the camera turned on by itself. I'm not a model." Hahahahahah I need to breathe.

I most definitely think marching band is a sport. :D (This is in response to your post about it not being a sport.) - HEY HEY HEY NOW. That was a submission missy. But I am a little bias in this situation. You know what this means. PEOPLE. SUBMIT. CONVINCE ME!

Sorry, had to post this b/c marching band/color guard is most definitely a sport. We work just as hard or harder than most sports and get zero recognition.

graphics grammar spelling punctionation - Google Search

Punctuation is POWERFUL. --ignore the fact that punctuation is spelled wrong in the quote.<spelling is powerful, too

A date like no other...

A date like no other…

I think march 2015 will be awesome! it will be Pi day! what is more spacial than that? Happy Pi day everybody.