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[gifset] 10x17 Inside Man #SPN #Dean. I thought it would've been great if they had shown Deans mark burning really red, like clearly hurting him and giving him nightmares

hunterswithdaddyissues: I thought the second gif was a still picture until I noticed the people moving around in the background. Their faces don’t move at all. (via salvachester)

The Mark of Cain had to shine through like twelve layers of fabric, good job little evil mark

Uh you don't ever change him. He is part of the family. The vessel is. Ohana means family and family is never left behind << YOU FORGOT ADAM MMM<<<YEAH BUT AT LEAST WE DIDN'T FORGET CROWLEY. PLUS WHO COULD FORGET MARK SHEPPARD? XD

Lucifer & Gabriel. I'd forgotten just how scary Lucifer was in "Hammer of the Gods" until I watched it the other day. Props to Mark Pelligrino. #Supernatural

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