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big bunny+ little pig = FRIENDS <3

Pigs in the Bahamas (Big Major Island), by Eric Cheng

Three Little Pigs activity - build houses out of different materials and see if The Big Bad Wolf hair dryer can blow them down.

from BuzzFeed

There Is An Island In The Caribbean Run By Pigs That Love To Swim

According to The Daily Mail , Pig Island, or Big Major Cay, is an area in the Caribbean full of feral pigs that love to swim.

from Country Living

Your Top 100 Pet Questions, Answered

Q: I’m in love with the adorable “teacup” pigs I’ve seen on the Internet. How big do they get when fully grown? A: Ah, baby piglets . . . all pink and small and cuddly. Adult hogs? Not so cute— even teacup ones. With these pigs, size is relative:..