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Tall Tales- Walt Disney's Paul Bunyan. This would be a great example to show the classroom to introduce them to this literary genre!

Tis a celebration, a mermaid holiday...for the mermaids are so happy to swim and play in waters clear and blue that helped them find a castle full of treasures that might have jewels to adorn them too. mdh©

Decorative Murals & Motifs: Re-Create this with Deco Haven Artistry, Murals & Decorative Painting!,

A flower whose petals turn clear as glass when wet.....who knew!? Diphylleia Grayi, otherwise known as the skeleton flower, is the stuff of fairy tales.

The Invisible Chocolate Drop" ~ equal parts of vanilla vodka and white creme de cacao. Shake it over ice and strain into a martini glass. It looks clear, just like any normal vodka or gin martini, but the surprise comes when you taste... Chocolate. YUM