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Sekanjabin - Persian Mint Drink "An Anonymous Andalusian cookbook of the 13th Century" as translated by David Friedman.- A non-alcoholic drink using a syrup of sugar sweetened vinegar (flavored or non-flavored) and herbs (in this case mint), diluted with water to create a drink that can be served at SCA Feasts. #scacook #scafeast #historicfood

[ Botanical Print: Humulus lupulus, Hops ] illustrated by Franz Eugen Kohler (c. 1883-1914). For sale (or admiration). ~ on Missouri Botanical Garden Press

Sophie Grandval ... next time you pull up Queen Anne's Lace and you get the whole root ... smell it. The wild carrot is much more carroty than the tamed carrot.

124841 Thymus vulgaris L. / Losch, F., Kräuterbuch, unsere Heilpflanzen in Wort und Bild, Zweite Auflage, t. 66, fig. 1 (1905)