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These one-of a kind vibrant 6-inch decorative dishes are designed to hold soaps, car keys, jewelry, or any other keepsake. The beads are all different sizes. They come in vibrant colors of pink, green, yellow, blue, white, and black. Another dish contains pearls in a more muted color embedded in a silver dish. They also appear to be floating in water, but it's really epoxy. Beaded Soap/Jewelry Dish by Timeout4me on Etsy, $12.00.

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FAST PROCESSING Custom Actual Fingerprints Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace Personalized Classic, Enchanting Jewelry Piece

This DIY all season hand and fingerprint tree is a beautiful keepsake gift. It's a kid-made gift perfect for any occasion. The tutorial is really easy to follow. Make one with your kids today!

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Wine Barrel Cork Cage

Wine Barrel Cork Cage ---

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner 3 Cups water, heated in microwave for 3 minutes on high. 2 Tbsp baking soda 2 Tbsp salt 2 Tbsp dish soap Aluminum foil Casserole dish Line dish with foil and lay jewelry inside Mix all ingredients together into hot water and pour mixture over jewelry Let it sit 10 minutes Rinse jewelry and dry gently, yet thoroughly, with a soft towel, that's it, easy peasy! This worked beautifully on my gold, silver, diamond, gem, and pearl jewelry.


Vintage angel cherub pixie bottle brush tree + ornaments plaque * RHINESTONES

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas: Sneak Peek at this weeks Bottle Brush Trees....

Stones & Wire Tree, different colors for different seasons! i want to make this sooo bad!!!
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DIY Tree of Life Ideas To Make

Stones & Wire Tree, different colors for different seasons! i want to make this sooo bad!!!

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Homemade Soap Tutorial: Oatmeal Spice For Fall

You only need a few simple supplies & very basic artistic skills to create these simple, charming oatmeal spiced homemade soap bars! Perfect for gifting!

Make your own stamps with polymer clay - easy to fashion with a handle to use for designs on newly sliced soap.

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15 DIY Christmas Ornaments

Make it merry this holiday season with DIY ornaments for your tree. Here are 15 different ways to decorate a glass or plastic ornament. What a great idea for an ornament exchange or even handmade gifts for family and friends! Visit for all of your DIY holiday supplies and inspiration.

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Grandma’s Lye Soap feels like magic! No dry skin for baby all season long.