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There is an old saying "Friends come into our life for a reason, for a season or forever" I feel so blessed to have met so many kindred spirits here in Pinterest Land. Thank you to each of you for the time, the effort and the care you have put into making this week so very meaningful and special to me. Your beautiful pins will be displayed on my new board and will be cherished in my heart forever. Thank you. From my soul to yours. <3 <3 <3

Spiritual Death And Rebirth Of Twin Flames - "For the new you to emerge the old you needs to fully die, yes this is spiritual death at it's finest... The mental body when dying, feels like completely losing your mind, so lose it. The sexual body when dying feels like sexual death, yes loss of all passion and lust, the lower chakras are no longer where sexual energy comes from, the higher chakras are now where the sexual energy will come from. When the emotional body dies it feels like you…

by Norma Lehmeier Hartie Smudging has traditionally been performed by Native Americans and is the ritual burning of herbs to create smoke to clear and purify a person or space. Ceremonies may begin…

Perfect plaque for my grand children's bedroom wall.

We can interpret so much from our dreams. What we desire, what state of mind we are currently in & what is to come if we stay on our current path. Allow yourself to have vivid dreams tonight by saying this simple prayer and wake to a journal to note down the messages your subconscious it telling you.

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