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Summer Loving, edited by Alison Tyler, with my story "Fireworks Display." This anthology is a charity project with all proceeds going to support fellow author Sommer Marsden, whose husband was diagnosed with cancer last year.

Illustration Inspiration. This illustration really caught my eye because it is very unusual. I liked how the words are in different languages and different sizes. It helps to create depth. #SocialMedia The smell of tanning lotion or barbecue on the grill. The taste of said barbecue with a cold beer. The feeling of warm sunshine on my back and cool fresh lake water on my feet. The popping and crackling of fireworks on the Fourth of July. And ooohhh, the chirping of crickets on a warm summer night.

I did this on the Fourth of July this year when I watched the fireworks and annoyed the heck out of my family. XD

The 100: She had a mind like a box of fireworks and hand that played with matches.

Wedding at Highclere Castle - So very Downton...

The Theory of Everything (2014)

The Theory of Everything - Saw the world premiere at TIFF. Brilliant!!! I see a little golden man named Oscar visiting these two in the near future.

Viewers: They have the ability to view an event as if they were actually there. They use a cloud like substance and watch the event and how it took place. The event could be past or present. The clarity of the picture depends on how powerful the user is. The most powerful ones can see future events.

Complete Idiocy Makes for Pretty Amazing Fireworks Photos