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adenium obesum Talk about form and texture... the flowers are very cool, but they definitely take the 2nd seat to the base of the plant!

How to Water a Bonsai Tree

“How do I water this bonsai tree?” had to be the most common question I answered when I worked in a bonsai shop. Unfortunately, that question requires some nuance, but once you've considered it, watering your bonsai tree will be a breeze and become second nature to you.

How to Grow Moss

Growing moss is easier than you think and can provide great health benefits. Learn types of moss, and how to grow moss indoors.

Details about 3 X Pre Bonsai trees Picea, Fagus, Acer bare roots best offer

This is a list of common Bonsai tree species available on other listings: Hornbeam, Carpinus,Beech, Fagus, Elm, Ulmus, Oak, Quercus, Ive, Hedera, Maple, Acer, Spruce, Picea, Larch, Larix, Pine, Pinus, Horse Chestnut, Aesculus, Ash, Fraxinus, Willow, Salix, Birch, Betula, Silver fir, Abies, Rowan, Sorbus,

Yellow flowering form is more common for this species, but this white double flowering form one. The flower will be open fully soon, but I like it in this stage.

Tree Wisteria Bonsai Seeds (Bolusanthus speciosus)

Wysteria Bonsai | Bolusanthus speciosus, commonly known as the Tree Wisteria | Stunning flowering tree from Zimbabwe, Swaziland and the northern provinces of South Africa. It is a fast-growing, decorative, small to medium-sized deciduous tree.

How to Prune an Apple Tree

With shears, a pruning saw and common sense, you don't have to be a tree surgeon to improve the appearance, yield and health of your apple trees.

mysleepykisser-with-feelings-hid: “ As you probably already know, bonsai is the Japanese art of growing miniature trees or shrubs in planters. You’ve may have already seen at least some tiny potted junipers, a common species for bonsai, at some...