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Open w/ Nicolette)) I sit on the bench waiting for an easy target. I was starving and didn't want to eat animal blood. I watch as somebody staggers through the park, obviously drunk. Something was off but I didn't know what. Standing up I grabbed their arm to stop them when I realized what was wrong, they didn't smell like alcohol. They turned around and I took a step back when I saw the smirk on their face. "Oh hell..." I mumble

"A Walk Through The Park" Windsor Great Park, Berkshire, UK this is the road that leads to Windsor Castle, photo by Jack Hood ? Aged with beauty - Abandoned castle, Italy Castle in Scotland Africa Edinburgh Castle from Grassmarket by Light, via Flickr

Duomo di Milano - Milan Cathedral at Night - #architecture #dome #cathedral #gothic #gothicarchitecture #stone #Milano #Italia #Milan #Italy

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