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Santa Maria in one of Rome's oldest churches and believed to be the first church in Rome dedicated to the Virgen Mary. It originally dates from the late third to early fourth century but was rebuilt in the twelfth century. The church is famous for a Byzantine mosaic behind the altar and a number of 13th century mosaics. The piazza has a beautiful octagonal fountain.

Roman Empire Timeline: I kept finding my kids getting confused about the Roman Empire, the split of the Empire, and the Byzantine Empire. So I made this timeline and map worksheet to help them. Download available at:

St. Agnes Early Christian Mosaics from the Fourth to the Seventh Centuries: Rome, Naples, Milan, Ravenna. Fourteen Plates in Color. Translated from the German, 1946. Jewelled belt, wrapped over dress, decorated underdress and fabric belt. Wonderfully complex hair style. I love it.

Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna.The church was begun in 527, when Ravenna was under the rule of the Ostrogoths, and completed in 548 during the Byzantine Exarchate. The church is of extreme importance in Byzantine art, as it is the only major church from the period of the Emperor Justinian I to survive virtually intact to the present day. Furthermore, it is thought to reflect the design of the Byzantine Imperial Palace Audience Chamber, of which nothing at all survives.

Pair of earrings

Pair of gold earrings set with sapphires and hung with emeralds and pearls, Europe (Roman), 1st-4th century.