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I love inspirational, happy quotes about life. I search the internet daily for the wordy pick-me-ups. You don't even have to have a bad day to feel the ben

...because you have every reason to start fresh.. again! Make a new beginning and say HELLO toy your new healthy self!

It's one of those days where you wake up tired but with so much to do, you can't help but be excited for the day. Coffee first, then take on the day. Happy Tuesday. Gratitude: a productive evening and fun day ahead. Goal: stay on task today. #2015GratitudesAndGoals

HAHAHA!!! YES!!! Everyone dressing, acting, trying to look and be the same and it makes no sense! XD Almost everyone only wants to be unique within the status quo and some don't even think or care at all to be different. Weeeeird. Just weeeeird.

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