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I Kissed a Rogue (Covent Garden Cubs): Shana Galen: Now this is the way a good author writes a great series! Shana Galen delivered that in her wonderful writing of the characters. Brook, unable to get over old wounds, shows just how much of a rogue he can be but still be a hero. Lila, on the other hand was such a fun character and snob, she made me laugh at some of her antics. I highly recommend this read if you love a great fun historical romance. 4.5 Stars!

Target Engaged (Delta Force):I first discovered M.L. Buchman when I read many of the Night Stalkers series, then the Firehawk series. Now the newest series is the Delta Force. I absolutely love all of them. This is a story of Carla, first woman in Delta and Kyle, the leader of the newly formed Delta group. Their story and struggles as well as their missions. Five people make up their Force and I look forward to each of them getting their own story. 5 stars!!

Shoulda Been a Cowboy (Copper Ridge) by Maisey Yates-A great fast read that is a romance for the ages. A novella that kicks off the the Copper Ridge series, with the ups and downs of Jake and Cassie. I have read most of the rest of this series, but went back and read "Shoulda Been a Cowboy" and this one was just as much fun to read. They can be read out of sequence with no problem, but by all means I recommend them all. If it has Maisey's name on it, then it is recommended reading. 4.25…

Her Lone Wolf (X-Ops Book 2) -If you love sexy,steamy, paranormal, suspenseful romance, Her Lone Wolf in the (x-Ops) is a must read. It was fast moving with developed characters and is a stand alone that can be read in any order. I read the first in the series and it was just as good. Paige Tyler is one of the best in the genre and I recommend this one for some great reading. I am looking forward to reading the next in this series. For me this book deserves a solid 4.5 Stars!

A Taste Of Fire - Kindle edition by Hannah Howell. I did not realize when I read "A Taste of Fire" that this was a re-issued book until the end. It just proves that great books never go out of style. I loved the small details of the background, settings and the characters. It was the wild west at its best with romance, suspense and a lot of danger. And who doesn't love a HEA from the old west? I highly recommend reading this one! 4.5 star!

MacNamara's Woman: A Family Secrets Novel - Kindle edition by Lisa Gardner. This is a re-read for me and I enjoyed it just as much the second time. The whole series is just a great read no matter what name it is under. I love Lisa Gardner books, and it is just so much fun to go back and read older ones to see how styles in writing have changed with today's suspenseful romance books. Recommended Read....4 Stars!

Invincible: Diana Palmer: I love Diana Palmer books! For me, this was a reread and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. Reading characters from Jacobsville and Comanche Wells is like visiting old friends. Carson, the wounded mercenary, and Carlie, the sweetheart everyone loves, are a great match. Carlie never lets go of her principals. Can Carson be healed? Recommended read! 4 stars

The Ghost (The Highland Guard Book 12) by Monica McCarty. ]What a wonderful ending to a great series! "The Ghost" had it all in the Highland Guard finale. With the amount of background and consistency of great characters, it was like peeking into the past with a love story and hardships. Alex Seton has a great reunion with the Guard and his own HEA with Joan Comyn. It is read alone with its own conclusion. Great historical romance with accurate storytelling. Highly recommend! 5 Stars!

Highland Awakening:by [Haymore, Jennifer] I enjoyed Lady Esme, as she is such a feisty character for the times. And who wouldn't love a strong but flawed man such as we are given in Camden McLeod. This was a warm and giving story of two people falling in love, not perfect, that made mistakes, but still found their way. There is danger and intrigue as you might imagine since Cam is a Highland Knight. I recommend "Highland Awakening" for historical romance lovers. 4 Stars!

Her Wild Hero (X-Ops): Paige Tyler: I loved seeing Kendra finally get her own story. She has been in the background of each of the books and it was great seeing her fall for Declan. Declan was a great character and I really enjoyed his struggle in finding himself, and Kendra in helping them both find each other. Paige Tyler is a great storyteller when it comes to combining romance, suspense and paranormal. I highly recommend this book. 4.5 Stars!