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Because of a reflex action, a rattlesnake can bite you up to an hour after it's dead

Rattlesnake Bite… Do’s & Don’ts if you are bit by a rattlesnake. Did you know that you should not use a snake bite extractor pump?

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A tiger rattlesnake is a striped snake commonly found in northwestern Mexico and southwestern United States. It is touted to have the highest toxicity among all rattlesnakes. Any tiger rattlesnake bite should be considered as a critical emergency. Experts have different opinions on the strength of the venom of the tiger rattlesnake but it can go as low as 0.06

Treating a Rattlesnake Bite -

The Rattlesnake is a pit viper found almost everywhere in the United States, and is capable of a deadly bite. Its trademark rattle strikes fear into anyone who hears it.

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This prairie rattlesnake is poised to strike. Adult rattlesnakes, unlike juveniles, are able to regulate the amount of venom in their bites.

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A rattlesnake striking with fangs extended. Rattlesnake bites can be dangerous but are very rarely fatal to humans.