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Μασσαλία 2ος αιώνας π.Χ

Gold oktadrachm of Ptolemy III Euergetes Period: Hellenistic Date: ca. 246–221 B.C. Culture: Greek, Ptolemaic Medium: Gold

Gold Coin of the Parisii. 2nd century B.C. #Celtic. The Celts probably began striking coins in the 200s b.c. after receiving gold and silver pieces from Hellenistic kings who employed Celtic warriors as mercenaries.

Coin of Kanishka, ca. 130 A.D. Pakistan, ancient region of Gandhara Gold. The Great Kushan rulers minted these gold coins following a Roman weight standard. The rulers present themselves in relation to a range of Near Eastern and South Asian deities, such as Shiva as seen on the reverse of this coin.

The first gold coin I had ever heard about. Part of staple coin collectors diet. Rare Gold, Silver and Copper Coins and Currency #TheHappyCoin #Coins #Gold #Silver