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Fashion designer Iris van Herpen and shoe designer Rem D Koolhaas have collaborated to create 3D-printed shoes that look like tree roots. The shoes were presented at Paris Fashion Week during Iris van Herpen’s couture show.

For those that have been hiding in a cave in their Pri-mani it has been London Fashion Week. Although not an avid follower of fashion (you’ve seen what I wear in the studio!) I still thought a blog celebrating this British institution was called for.

With the birth of Royal heir, the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee, designers have been producing all manner of British and London inspired creations. I especially like these 3D paper-cut greeting cards, which show the capital’s landmarks in a new light.

After Paris unveiled its highly successful Eiffel Tower in 1889, Londoners decided to step up by coming up with their very own tower – The Tower of London A public design competition commenced and 68 designs made the showcase catalogue – crowd sourcing for the 1900s.

Canadian furniture supplier Urban Barn have created the Make Room which lets you be the designer of your own home with no heavy lifting required. Available on their website it is an easy-to-use room planning tool and is great fun to indulge in your interior decorator or creative side.

Pantone has released its Spring 2014 Fashion Colour Report, which gives an idea of what colours designers will be using in their upcoming collections.

For those of you that travel frequently with crumpled, wrinkled clothing help is at hand from those expert luxury bag makers Louis Vuitton. Using their Art of Packing website four Louis Vuitton bags are presented and you can select your size appropriate bag and then click to pack the bag.

I love these swirling 3D canvas sculptures. I just want to touch it!

I love these beautiful 3D models of polygonal animals, which are made entirely out of coloured paper.