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Fashion designer Iris van Herpen and shoe designer Rem D Koolhaas have collaborated to create 3D-printed shoes that look like tree roots. The shoes were presented at Paris Fashion Week during Iris van Herpen’s couture show.

Activist group has created a fake Victoria’s Secret webpage, “launching” a line of underwear that promotes consensual sex.

Art installation that is intriguing and creative; Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has tried to create infinity.

I loved this David and Goliath story detailed by BBC News. A disgruntled customer, fed up with the way British Airways was handling the issue of his father’s lost luggage, chose to pay for a promoted tweet complaining about BA’s poor customer service.

We love LEGO at Acumen Design, but I have never seen sculptures and a use of LEGO like this. The Art of the Brick is a solo show by artist Nathan Sawaya at the Discovery Times Square museum, New York.

Sand sculptors have been braving the cold on the British Riviera to take part in the annual Weston Super Mare sand sculpture festival. Twenty award winning sand sculptors from across the globe are working around the clock to create sand sculptures including Harry Potter and Marilyn Monroe.

One of the biggest viral videos at the moment is a campaign created by Greenpeace and featuring LEGO and Shell.

Ive written a few blogs about graffiti in the past but this collection of images caught my eye and made me smile. The artists, all uncredited, have managed to see something in their urban surroundings that have inspired them to create something unexpected.

I love these swirling 3D canvas sculptures. I just want to touch it!

I wish I could iron like this – textured portraits made from tulle.