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from Broken

Thoughts & Quotes About Trust

There are two sides to every story. Then there's the truth which lies somewhere…

There Was A Difference Between What You Said And What You Did like picking her over me everything he said or did was a lie he never loved me like i loved him he betrayed me and my friends( i'm so done with him)

In omitting information and telling half-truths you can claim you aren't "lying", but it is still a deception. I think I prefer the person who lies to me outright than the one who manipulates the truth in this way and then tries to self-righteously claim to be an honest person. Don't play games with the truth. Deceiving someone who trusts you is one of the most hurtful pains you can inflict, and it never fully heals.

First of all, this is totally me. My mom says I have cat feet. I walk around normal, and half the time people don't notice I just walked by. Also, the ghost part is a good writing prompt.