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Commission Shops | Big Fish shop | Great product for fishing lovers

"when you're really hungry but theres nothing to eat so you just walk around in you kitchen opening all the cabinets over and over again just incase something magically appears "

Google Earth gives you the opportunity to go and see anywhere in the world… so what do you do? You go and look at your house.

Tel the kids The Story of the Apple Star and then cut into an apple and show them!

Its all about that story that you pick up and not only is it intriguing it also brings you places. A feeling we can all relate to.

That awkward moment when you're actually telling the truth but you laugh during it and everybody thinks you're lying

The #openingline of your #story is the most important you will write. It will determine whether the reader (or publisher) decides to keep reading or toss your book aside.


It’s my job.

You are the person responsible for making all those magical/cursed items that people are always stumbling across.



Someone is murdered on the cruise ship you're on. Passengers are told to lock themselves in their cabins and await instructions. The captain speaks from the ships PA system, "The first contestant has fallen. Only 5,132 remain." With that, the doors all click and swing open.



"I want you to build me the perfect sex dream, i want you to make me want that" -ace who thinks they are broken-