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Anne Holmen : один из ведущих специальстов по двуязычию в датской педагогике

The benefits of growing up bilingual are many, and now new data further deconstructs the process that makes bilingual children so remarkable.

Que hacen los alumnos y alumnas cuando terminan sus tareas. Desde Imágenes Educativas os damos la solución. Todos tenemos alumnos que terminan muy rápido sus tareas, y que podemos hacer con ellos hoy os...

The summer reading program in Spanish is designed to strengthen language skills in native speakers and Spanish learners.

Parents of multilingual children are tired of hearing these silly and ignorant comments.

Georgia Pathway to Language and Literacy (GA Pathway) is a coalition of local professional and parent organizations who have come together to: 1) Advance the literacy proficiency of Georgia’s children who are deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH); and 2) Achieve grade-level reading proficiency by the end of third grade for all Georgia students with hearing loss, regardless of their communication modality.

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